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Helping young people access mental health care

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250,000+ users.
Over 1.2m page views.
+20,000 page views for help in a crisis.

The challenge

One in four of the UK population experiences a mental illness at any time. 75% of those health problems are established by the age of 24. Without appropriate, early interventions, the situation is likely to become worse in the years ahead.

Referrals to mental health services are on the rise and they’re harder to reach than ever — in 2020/21 the mean waiting time for CAMHS from referral to treatment was 98 days — a problem highlighted during the COVID pandemic. That’s where MindMate comes in. It is a pioneering resource, created by NHS West Yorkshire ICB and supported by Thompson. Effectively it’s a signposting website for young people’s mental health in Leeds, helping them find the right information and support quickly, without stigma or shame. It also helps parents, carers and professionals to support the youngpeople they care for.

MindMate website home page
Young people sat above MindMate logo
MindMate leaflets

Our approach

The success of the project relies on the fact that it's been genuinely co-created with young people. We have included them in every single step of MindMate’s creation – from the very idea of the site, through to approving every image, design, and even every word on the site itself. Since launch, MindMate has become the name and brand for mental health in Leeds.

Co-design workshop
MindMate characters
Young person viewing the MindMate website on her phone
Young person accessing MindMate website with dog
MindMate stickers on back of phone

The results

MindMate has been praised by health professionals locally but also recognised nationally, gaining attention from other regional health authorities like Cardiff Bay. Importantly though it has been embraced by the young people it is here to serve.

The site has also been awarded numerous awards for design and UX, including Gold at the prestigious Design Effectiveness Awards.

MindMate digital advert
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MindMate badges
The design, content and language are perfect, shaped by young people all the way through, from beginning to end.
Ruth GordonProject Manager, Working on behalf of NHS West Yorkshire ICB
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